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    Testimonials I’d be very grateful to receive a copy of your new book on Biblical principles to deal with inflation I’d be very grateful to receive a copy of your new book on Biblical principles to deal with inflation. Thank you so much. I’ve been praying for at least 8 months now, asking God to help my son pay down a large income tax debt. I can’t tell you how much your courses are helping me. I’m learning so much. It almost seems overwhelming so I need to keep going over it. Thanks so much. May God richly bless you and your ministry. J. G. 281 Fir Lane Kemptville, Ont K0G 1J0 My financial situation is a burden to me I am doing your 4 part financial online course. I am so blessed to be apart of this course. My financial situation is a burden to me and I am so encouraged by these sessions. I saw you on TV about a year ago and have blessed since. Praying the Lord will continue to bless you abundantly as you help us with our financial situation so that we can have peace and joy as Children of God. D.S. 18 Cloverlawn Street, Brampton Ontario, Canada Thank You Tom and God Bless You. I keep you in my Prayers Tom you are without a doubt one of the most humble people I have ever had the privilege to listen to. That has to be the reason why the Holy Spirit draws so many people to your teachings, He is your partner. Have a great evening. God Bless. D.W.P. Shawville Québec, Canada God saved me $1000.00 by knowing the state of my flocks! Thank you for your financial seminar I took for Singles last year. Your seminars are excellent biblical teaching that works and I am still using today. Thank you Tom and thank you God! P. H. Vancouver, Canada Your ministry is a blessing to me Your ministry is a blessing to me & my family. I am very appreciative of your 'all wise' emails. DM, Chester Basin, Nova Scotia Canada. DM Chester Basin, Nova Scotia Canada. I have been blessed to be a part of this Biblical teaching! This teaching is EXACTLY what I need and want, and I have been learning and applying. I also let others know about it. I purchased some of the books, and was blessed to receive a free one too, and I give these books to my friends and family members. Read More BG Saskatchewan, Canada Thank you Copland Financial Ministries I have learned how to manage my finance according Biblical Principles . It has been an eye open experience for me. Read More R.G. ​ Financial Management God's Way for Women Thank you personally for the teaching which was very transformative. IA Toronto, Canada Thanks be to God I am debt-free Thanks be to God I am debt-free and I'm able to be used to help others in this world. Many many thanks for your ministry. LP Toronto, Canada Financial Moments, Biblical Principles That Will Transform How You Manage Money I’m reading through that book by Tom Copland. Wow is it good and wow did I break so many principles of God! It’s very confusing as I thought this was the will of the Lord how it came about but he says at the beginning that Tom said God uses financial issues as trials as well. Read More Adam ​ GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!!!!! God had me take your Zoom class right on time. This was a big debt and because of what I learned in your classes concerning the Word of God I decided not to take any offers to pay less of my debt but instead I desired to pay it all. I could not have actually done so without God helping me each step each day each week each month. Read More NF Brampton ON, Canada I wish I had learned these principles sooner My knowledge and understanding of God's financial principles has profoundly changed. The bible is a wealth of information on how we should wisely think and then manage our finances. I have been so culturally accustomed to secular thinking about finances that I was not even aware of the detrimental impact that it had on my relationship with God. Read More L.G. Toronto, ON, Canada It pushed me to pay off my mortgage I sincerely thank you (Copland Financial Ministries) for hosting these wonderful sessions on Financial Management God's Way. It really pushed me to pay off my mortgage sooner than later, and I'm forever grateful! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me after our session. I value your insights, along with the tips you gave me. Read More S.P. Toronto, ON, Canada God answers prayer with respect to a wayward daughter Growing up, my parents and grandparents never overspent on anything and neither did I (but we are not holy and righteous). However, while I thought I was “pretty good in terms of everything” especially money management, my daughter’s credit card debts surfaced in 2013 after she was baptized and moved away from home to university. For the first time, she had a lot of money to manage, from student loans, ESF education saving fund, part time jobs to monetary gifts from relatives. Read More S.L. New Tecumseth, ON, Canada Very high quality and essential Your program is very high quality and essential for today’s Canadian families. We are pleased to have posted it on our website. God bless. Anonymous Tom's faithfulness to love God and love people Amazing! Tom’s knowledge of the bible is extraordinary and God’s call on his life is unmistakable, allowing so many people the opportunity to learn and understand how to manage finances God’s way. I feel truly blessed to have been able to participate and learn from Tom’s wisdom. His generosity in offering this program without charging a fee is testament to his commitment to God and man. Tom lives his faith and demonstrates his faithfulness to love God and love people. Thank you Tom!! W.B. Barrie, ON, Canada Zoom Webinar Testimony We want to say thank you! We have been attending your zoom study on financial management God's way. We have both learned so much. Personally, I never dreamed the Bible had so much to say on finances. We are currently working on a budget for ourselves and are actively paying down our debt. Thank you so much for teaching this awesome study. L.A. Oxbow, SK, Canada A life-changing testimony There has been a spiritual shift in my finances since taking your class. I didn’t notice much of a difference initially, but a couple of months later I recognized that I was thinking differently about money. I have continued to track my expenses diligently and formulate a budget every 2 weeks. Read More Judy Toronto, ON, Canada God's Word on finances more effectively People are still commenting about the significant blessing your seminar series “Handling Money God’s Way” was. We had over 200 individuals sign up for this – and about one-third of those were from outside our church – praise God!! In one session, you shared how to have a personal relationship with Christ and we offered new testaments to anyone who wanted one, and over 30 people took one. Read More Anonymous God used you to save a life It is amazing to hear from you and would be thrilled to speak with you. You were the first human voice I heard as God’s grace filled my life. Please know that at least once God uses your recorded voice to save a human life and to add my name to the Book of Life. Thank you. C.L. Halifax, NS, Canada The expressions of my gratitude are many Where do I begin? The Lord our God, my Heavenly Father, brought me to Copland Financial Ministries. I have been both convicted and encouraged. Since taking Financial Management God’s Way for Singles, I have made two or three major financial decisions that I believe please God. Knowing and understanding and then implementing the Word of God in my finances are a great blessing bringing peace and joy. Read More N.F. Brampton, ON, Canada It has helped convict my heart Thank-you for leading our finance course! It has helped convict my heart to make some practical changes. The difference between this course and the other course Jamie and I did 8-9 years ago is the infusion of God's word into the curriculum. It's neat having my Bible beside me while I'm working through the case studies. So, thank you both (and Tom Copland) for providing such a strong Biblical foundation to what we are learning. I'm finding not only is my mind (and pocket-book) being challenged, but my heart is as well. I feel God is challenging my thinking on faith and trust in Him as well. T.N. Calgary, AB A man was in the depths of despair A man was in the depths of despair and psyched himself to drive his car into the water to commit suicide. He said the only station that would come in was CJLU 93.9. He specifically heard Tom Copland and decided against killing himself. He gave his life to Christ and has been a Christian now for a year and a half. He talked about the Bibles he has been giving out to people and how he now attends a local church. He called the station this week to share his testimony. Thank you for airing Financial Moments on Harvesters FM. God bless you. J.L. (Radio Host) Eastern Canada Zoom webinar testimony I took your Financial Management God's way course last fall. And with God's direction and your advice, I have paid off my mortgage!!! B.C. Woodstock, ON, Canada I've benefited greatly from your teaching I've benefited greatly from your teaching as it has helped me change my thought process on handling my finances, planning for the future, and estate planning. I record your messages on my PVR so I can watch them from time to time. So again thank you again. L.C. Montréal, QC, Canada You have changed my life I just want to let you know that I was listening to your message years ago when we were working together. You have changed my life. I sold my larger house and minimized my lifestyle and set new financial goals because of the time you spent talking with me and the CD’s you gave me. I wanted you to know that I was listening. I’ve made saving a priority. Thank goodness! I know it won’t be an easy time here, but boy I’m glad I’ve been saving. B.P. South Carolina, USA Faith FM Listener I listen to you almost every day on Faith FM. I have learned so much and you have been God sent to me. I was praying to God for help in understanding His law with regards to finance and God blessed me with the best teacher/mentor I could have asked for. Thank you Tom and God bless you. Ellyna Thank you for your advice Thanks so much for your advice and all your resources. Your support, advice, validation and sincere heart have been such an encouragement and blessing to us. We left our time with you feeling great peace and clarity, even though all our financial problems are not instantly solved. God used you to speak into our lives and we are so thankful for that. R.G. Toronto, ON, Canada Thank you for your ministry I Attended the Zoom Webinar - Managing Money During Covid-19. It was excellent! I would be interested in attending more virtual workshops when they are available. Thank you for this ministry! L.S. ON, Canada My spirit feels with your advice I am very impressed with your view on finances as it appears to me to be the most godly perspective all based on scripture. I can also sense your sincere love and devotion to the Lord and your desire to bring Him glory. You are seeking Him first and His kingdom and His righteousness by seeking the Holy Spirit’s individual direction through spending time in the Word and His presence. My spirit feels with your advice. Anonymous Thank you Tom for your faithfulness Thank you Tom for your faithfulness in teaching through God's word, and many hours on your own time, for our benefit and God's call. It has been great and very much appreciated by me and I am sending a donation for your ministry, by mail today. I will continue to pray for your ministry, too. Thank you again for all you do. L.M. Stouffville, ON, Canada Financial Ministry is growing Tom, I am glad to hear that the Financial Ministry is growing and changing people's lives all over the world! Taking your course actually broke a stronghold in mine, I really believe that. I also developed a new money mindset. I am still learning to walk in God's Ways of managing finances, but I have come a long way! I am very interested in taking part in a financial coaching webinar in the future and learning how to help someone else. J.C. Waterloo, ON, Canada I can't wait to tell people I know about you! I would just like to say that what you are doing is amazing! I know it is helping many people! I first saw you in your commercial. I am so happy to see a Christian giving Godly based wisdom on finances. I am also glad that I have your messages as a 23-year-old now, that way the rest of my life could be set on the right track. Thank you for what you do, I hope that it never ceases. Your love for the Lord is admirable as well, and you are a fantastic role model. I can’t wait to tell people I know about you! cheers! Anonymous Praise God for the work Thank you so much for your prompt response; much appreciated. I will be checking out the website. Praise God for the work you guys are doing for The Body of Christ. Anonymous Daily living for God Recently a group of pastors were discussing that their churches were falling behind in their giving and having trouble meeting budgets. I was reluctant to share, less it appears to be bragging, that our church was in fact ahead in this year’s budget and we enjoyed a sizeable surplus. Upon reflection, I concluded that one of the reasons for the excellent response was because we have been scheduling some classes and seminars on personal finances and debt reduction/elimination. Read More Anonymous There is no better way to live! You handled yourself with sincerity, godliness, compassion, and excellence. Our listeners obviously felt very comfortable talking to you. We couldn’t take all of the calls. That’s a nice “problem” to have! Tom, I know God is using you in a big way. There is no better way to live! Looking forward to having you back with us. K.G. (Professional Radio Host) We thank you for your ministry My husband and I have greatly benefited from the Debt Reduction CDs and DVDs for Businesses and Individuals. We thank you for your ministry and the impact it has had on our lives, our family, and people around us. We would like to make monthly donations to Copland Financial Ministries. Anonymous Financial Moment Listener I love listening to your radio show on Faith FM 99.9 London. Your heart for ministry and our Lord is most appreciated; a real person ministering to real people, with real solutions drawn from the word of God. Thanks for your ministry. It's always an encouragement. C.A. London, ON, Canada Thank you for sharing your testimony Thank you Tom, The teaching session was really helpful and thank you for sharing your testimony. I really needed to hear many of the things that were taught and discussed. You are a great example of faithfulness to the Lord. R.S. Prince George, BC, Canada Your seminar has helped us incredibly My name is Dario my wife and myself attended your seminar several years ago… Your seminar had helped us incredibly with our finances. We bought our house and it was paid off in 13 years. Thank you again. Dario G. Toronto, ON, Canada (Originally from the Philippines) Thank you for sharing your wisdom Thank you Tom Copland for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of the Bible & finance. What you shared about the financial world was spot on - thank God that he has provided His Word to guide us. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and feed you abundantly. R.C. Toronto, ON Praying for you and your ministry Thanks again for your time and effort, prayers, and encouragement. Since starting the Copland Budgeting System both my wife and I feel as if a great weight has been lifted, we feel closer to God and closer to each other. My wife says it feels as if the waters have parted and the way has been made clear. Thank you so much for pointing us to God’s wisdom for finances. We are looking forward to working through “Financial Management – God’s Way” Praying for you and your ministry, in Jesus’ precious name. Anonymous Thank you for your spiritual wisdom and prayers Dear Tom, Just watched you again on Vision TV. As a Christian widow, I truly appreciated your insight and biblical wisdom. Thank you for your spiritual wisdom, prayers, and encouragement to store up treasures in heaven. People need to stay in the scriptures for their source of truth and I sense this in your ministry!! May the Lord bless you in your ministry. J.E. St. Catherine's, ON, Canada Zoom webinar testimony My wife and I were part of the last Zoom meetings you held to teach on handling money. We both felt this was well done with good examples of looking at money from a Godly and worldly point of view. S.C. ON, Canada God has spoken to me God has spoken to me through this workshop series by allowing me to better understand how to manage the money he’s entrusted to me. I’ve been actively consulting with Christ regarding all financial decisions. Establishing a budget has allowed me to get a sense of what I can afford. The case studies allow us to explore real life situations in which non-biblical principles can lead to financial ruin. Tom is an inspiration and great leader. I’ve taken his workshops several times and I always learn something new. Thank you! S.G. Toronto, ON Video Testimonials Randy Ziegenhagel . Wolf German . Colin accepts Christ after almost ending his life It is God through his word (Hebrews 4:12) and his spirit (John 10:27) that draws people into a relationship with Christ. Be sure to listen to this video as Colin Long provides his testimony of how he had planned to commit suicide, but God did a miraculous thing, working through one of Tom’s financial moments, Colin came to know Christ as Saviour and Lord. We praise God! InTouch 2013 . InTouch 2011 . Cam's Testimony . Bayfair Testimonies . Morningstar Mike .

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    Back to Testimonials I’d be very grateful to receive a copy of your new book on Biblical principles to deal with inflation " I’d be very grateful to receive a copy of your new book on Biblical principles to deal with inflation. Thank you so much. I’ve been praying for at least 8 months now, asking God to help my son pay down a large income tax debt. I can’t tell you how much your courses are helping me. I’m learning so much. It almost seems overwhelming so I need to keep going over it. Thanks so much. May God richly bless you and your ministry." J. G. 281 Fir Lane Kemptville, Ont K0G 1J0 Previous Next

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