Featured Workshop

Discerning God's Will in Managing Money
Webinar Series (2021)

This webinar series covers the following topics:


1. Relationship with God & your spouse

2. God wants us to discern His will

3. Learn to listen to God

4. Challenges to discerning God's will


God's promises and our stewardship responsibilities

Biblical Instruction God has a solution! The Bible contains 500 verses on prayer 500 verses on faith and an amazing 2350 verses on money and material things.

The Bible contains about 500 verses on prayer, 500 verses on faith, and 2350 verses that deal with money and material things. Clearly, God’s Word has incredible wisdom for us in managing money!

Are you experiencing God's peace in the area of finances? If not, then you're probably not managing Money God’s Way.

This 10-part webinar series covers topics such as Managing Money During Covid-19 and Steps to Get Out of Debt.