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A featured Workshop for individuals and families

Stewardship is acknowledging in your heart and mind that God owns everything

God warns of the dangers of debt and God admonishes us to save for future needs

Obtain a practical understanding of how to reduce your debt, with the long-term objective of becoming totally debt-free

Includes biblical principles of investing

Beliefs that appear to be correct but are contrary to God’s principles and often tempt people to get into debt.


Video Workshops

God's promises and our stewardship responsibilities

The Bible contains about 500 verses on prayer, 500 verses on faith, and 2350 verses that deal with money and material things. Clearly, God’s Word has incredible wisdom for us in managing money!

Biblical Instruction God has a solution! The Bible contains 500 verses on prayer 500 verses on faith and an amazing 2350 verses on money and material things.

Tips on how to manage your finances during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Includes Tom's Webinars.

Are you experiencing God's peace in the area of finances? If not, then you're probably not managing Money God’s Way.

This 10-part webinar series covers topics such as Managing Money During Covid-19 and Steps to Get Out of Debt.


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