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An update on how God is spreading His Word on finances

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New Advanced Workshop

In February 2021, Tom led an advanced workshop on Zoom titled "Discerning God's Will in Managing Money." This enabled many people to take their finances to the next level. For example, when there are several options within the biblical guidelines, how can you discern what God wants you to do?


Here are some of the testimonies:

Financial Management God's Way

With respect to the recent in-depth study that Tom led last fall, "Financial Management God's Way", here are two of the testimonies:

If you're interested in the in-depth study, go to our website and either join one of the small groups or go through the online interactive studies.

Four of our small group leaders are leading the in-depth study based on Tom's book "Financial Management God's Way". Many people are learning God's way of managing money.

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