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Tom Copland’s book, Financial Moments

 "I was fortunate to find Tom Copland’s book, Financial Moments.  He clearly shows you how to manage your finances based on Biblical principles.  He carefully explains how making your relationship with God your highest priority will bring you the success and peace of mind that you are seeking in dealing with your finances (and every other part of your life for that matter!).   

He gives specific information and advice based on the God’s Word, the Scriptures, on getting out of debt, budgeting, financial stewardship, running a business, and staying away from worldly views on money that will only get you into trouble. 

If you finally want to straighten out your finances the right way based on Biblical principles, get this book.  You’ll wonder how you ever dealt with your finances without it."

Best regards,

T.O. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. 


Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. 

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