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The expressions of my gratitude are many

Where do I begin? The Lord our God, my Heavenly Father, brought me to Copland Financial Ministries. I have been both convicted and encouraged.

Since taking Financial Management God’s Way for Singles, I have made two or three major financial decisions that I believe please God. Knowing and understanding and then implementing the Word of God in my finances are a great blessing bringing peace and joy.

I have begun budgeting using the excel budget spreadsheet from the ministry. I have also decided to pay my debts in full by the grace of God. I have corresponded with Tom via email to ask specific financial questions. He has been used by God to help me make the wise decision to forego a “shark-like” high-interest charge. Tom also let me know that my credit card is not for everyday use and that the balance ought to be paid in full each month.

The expressions of my gratitude are many. God reveals His love for me in countless ways, and I know this is one of them. Over the years, I have experienced pain because of the management of my finances. I thank God abundantly for His care to help me learn, grow, and mature in specific matters of my finances. Thank you so very much to Tom for his leadership and heart to see people managing their finances God’s way.

Far more than the value of any currency is the wealth of life, peace, and gratitude that springs from following and obeying God. I love pleasing Jesus, and although I do fall short, He encourages me forward. The Lord Himself is my strength and help.


Brampton, ON, Canada

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