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I have been blessed to be a part of this Biblical teaching!

"Hello Tom, I have been blessed to be a part of this Biblical teaching!

God continues to make a difference in my entire life through this workshop series, because applying Biblical principles on finances, seems to have a domino effect resulting in other areas of my life and health being improved, especially Peace of mind and contentment.

This study definitely benefits my personal relationship with God, and helps me to see that it was really lacking in the area of finances.

I really appreciate the participants materials/ workbook, because I really like to see things in print, so I can read it. The case studies are very very helpful. Love the highlighted memory verses.I really appreciate the overall STRUCTURE of the course, which is something that I really need. Structure and guidance, specifically BIBLICAL guidance, is really an answer to my prayers.

Tony and Eli provided exceptional leadership to our group. They work very well together, they know how to move things along, for efficient use of time, while also recognizing when it is beneficial to spend more time on a certain topic, showing lots of common sense, respect and wisdom. I appreciate that they each have their own personal relationship/ walk with God, and this is evident. Tony and Eli encouraged others to participate, which helps people to grow, come out of our comfort zone ( which I would not have done unless prompted ) and go to a higher level. I was sad when the group was finished, but I plan to do more.

Yes, I have made, and continue to make significant changes in the way I manage (God's) money.

Overall, this teaching is EXACTLY what I need and want, and I have been learning and applying. I also let others know about it. I purchased some of the books, and was blessed to receive a free one too, and I give these books to my friends and family members.

Thank you very much.


Saskatchewan, Canada

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