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Management of Money Impacts Relationship with God, Spouse, and Eternity

Management of Money Impacts Relationship with God, Spouse, and Eternity

The wise management of our money can seem like an overwhelming topic, especially in the times we find ourselves in currently with all the increasing stresses on our financial resources. When we add the wise advice of our Bible, it becomes clear we need some wise, mature, godly, and informed advice on the topic to pull it all together.


We need look no further! Tom’s newest resource in the study of biblical finances is the crown of his many contributions on the topic. Covering core subjects like the impact of money management on all our relationships, including God, spouse, and eternity.


Tom widens our understanding of these important subjects by applying solid biblical principles on the impact money management has on family and our eternity itself. He provides us with many real-life case studies that are easy to learn and follow and simple to apply to our own personal circumstances.


Tom is the author of the “Financial Moments,” a series of one-minute summaries on biblical financial principles, and author of 3 successful and popular books, Debt Reduction: Biblical Principles to Deal with Inflation, High Interest Rate, and Eliminating Debt. and financial Moments: Biblical Principles That Will Transform How You Manage Money and Financial Management God’s Way.


Each title teaches money management principles according to God’s instructions in the Bible. Tom is a chartered professional accountant, speaker, teacher, and host of a national radio and television series on financial principles airing on 194 radio stations and 7 television stations across Canada and some in the northern United States. it is estimated that more than 2.5 million people hear at least on Financial Moment every week.

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