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E-Book - Biblical Principles that Will Transform How You Manage Money

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You can purchase this ebook version at Castle Quay Books.


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God enabled Tom to write a new book. Castle Quay is the publisher and the book will be distributed to Canada & United States – 17 countries in total!


Few things expose our priorities and values the way money does. Seen through the lens of Scripture Tom Copland's new title Financial Moments is an insightful guide for how to manage finances according to God’s wisdom. With sincerity and sound advice, the book addresses the heart of our motivations and responsibility to God.


This accessible, practical resource is a combination of his four decades of experience and rich biblical knowledge. The book is filled with Scripture passages and real-life anecdotes, and addresses topics including saving, planning for the future, getting out of debt, budgeting, obtaining godly counsel, giving generously, investing, financial deceptions, stewardship and avoiding relational conflicts over money.

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