Update - God Is Blessing!

Here's an update of how God is spreading His Word on finances.

God did some incredible things in the bottom line, the financial moments are now on 155 radio facilities across Canada and several northern United States. Praise God!

Further, in January 2021, Tom's half hour shows started on Miracle Channel [an extremely popular TV station in Western Canada] on Monday evenings at 9 PM Mountain time as well as one financial moment every day.

And if that wasn't enough, God orchestrated things so that we could put a half hour program on Yes TV [the most popular Christian TV station in Ontario]. Several financial moments are still aired every week on Yes TV Ontario as well as Yes TV Calgary and Yes TV Edmonton.

Tom's half hour programs and financial moments are continuing to be aired on Vision TV [nationwide] as well as Faith TV [based in Winnipeg] and Joy TV [based in Vancouver].

In terms of radio, Tom's half hour shows are on 15 radio facilities across Canada as well as WDCX radio in Buffalo.

With this recent expansion of the ministry through radio and TV, the best estimates are that about 1.5 million people hear a financial moment or a half hour show every week. Praise God!

Over the last two months, Tom led an advanced workshop using the Zoom software titled "Discerning God's Will in Managing Money." This enabled many people to take it to the next level-i.e. when they are several options within the biblical guidelines, how can you discern exactly what God wants you to do.

Here are some of the testimonies.

"As a result of this workshop I have made the following changes.

-Meditating daily on God’s word in areas related to finances

-Learning to be content and spending more time in gratitude to the Lord

-Spending more time with God (often first thing in the morning)

-Practicing daily self-questioning about wants versus needs

-Consulting memory verses multiple times per week

-Tracking expenses

-Donations were increased from 2% to 10%.

-Outstanding credit card debt and other debts paid off and increased savings

- Prayerfully asking for guidance on finances and non-financial matters more often

-Much more peaceful and mentally and spiritually healthier today than in 2020.

Case studies make the principles more relatable for our own lives". Ria M, Ontario, Canada

I have learned to live on a budget, don't misspend money, to not take on debt, to save money for expected expenses and unexpected expenses and for emergencies.… and to pray always for wisdom before making any financial decision especially big ticket items. God has taught me to trust Him, and that the way I spend my money will either bring Him honor or dishonor Him. He has taught me to practice self -control. The biggest difference your workshop has made in my life is my understanding that God is the owner of all and it matters how I use my money. SG Toronto, Canada

In addition, four of our small group leaders are leading the in-depth study based on Tom's book "Financial Management God's Way". Many people are learning God's way of managing money.

And with respect to the recent in-depth study that Tom led last fall, -"Financial Management God's Way" here are two of the testimonies..

"I would HIGHLY recommend taking this course to anyone who wants to do a much better job of handling their finances. This course gives you the practical, real life tools to get out of debt, save for the future, and implement steps on a biblical bases to make such a difference. You have God on your side when you follow his wisdom, guidance and specific will for you, as you read Scripture pray and follow the steps in this course. I'm going back to Tom's book again and again". R.B. - Alberta, Canada

"I would fully recommend this course for anyone of any age. Tom and his team plus the resources are fantastic and so easy to use and understand. Thank you for an awesome and relevant course!" N.S. - Ontario, Canada.

If you're interested in the in-depth study go to our website www.coplandfinancialministries.org and either join one of the small groups or if you would like to go through the online interactive studies and click here. hwww.coplandfinancialministries.org

Biblical-based financial counseling

Between Tom and his small group leaders/financial coaches, we provided biblically-based financial advice on a ministry bases at no charge to about 20 people per week [that's a rate of 1,000 people per year-up from last year of about 750]. If interested send an email to tcopland@zing-net.ca

Prayer requests

Tom is working with a Christian editor to write a book that contains 365 financial moments-people can use this is a daily devotion or just as a book to read and to understand more about God's Word on finances. Pray that God gives Tom and the editor wisdom and direction in putting this book together
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If you can, an automatic monthly donation is best as it allows us to predict our cash flow better or if you prefer to do a one-time donation, all donations are appreciated.

In order to give go to our website which is.

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In Matthew 16:27 Jesus said: "For when the Son of Man returns in his father's glory with his Angels, he will reward each person according to what they have done".

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!

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