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We found the workshop extremely helpful

"Tom, my wife and I attended one of your workshops over 10 years ago when we were struggling with a crippling load of debt. We found the workshop extremely helpful and through your guidance and the principles you taught, and turning to God in complete trust of our situation, not only did.

God eliminates our debt through incredible work opportunities for myself, but He has also provided us with the means to give back and support various ministries. This didn't happen overnight but over several years as God continued to teach us to rely on Him.

From the start we were determined to give back even a very small tithe to Him, and our ability to tithe has grown as He continues to provide for us. When the last of our debt was gone, just prior to the start of the pandemic, we praised God that He answered our prayers. He is faithful!

We felt led to make a donation to your ministry to thank you and encourage you because it was such a blessing to us, and we would like to see others benefit from your work. Thank you and thanks to everyone serving in your ministry. [Matthew 6:31-33].”


Newmarket Ontario

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