Financial Management God’s Way – Group 2

Commencing week of February 21, 2019, Tom Copland, CPA, CA and his trained leaders will lead a Comprehensive Biblical Financial study based on Tom’s book titled “Financial Management God’s Way”.

Topics include: Stewardship, Secular Versus Biblical Perspective on Money, God’s Perspective on Debt and Saving, Steps to Get Out of Debt, Budgeting, Obtaining Godly Counsel, Giving Generously, Developing Godly Attitudes Towards Money & Financial Deceptions.

Two-Three hours per week of homework is required.

Group 2: Eli’s house in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

7 PM to 9 PM on Thursday evenings commencing February 21, 2019 and goes on for 12 weeks.

Cost: $35 per person for the participant’s workbook -“Financial Management God’s Way”. Bring your cash or cheque on the first session day. Make cheque payable to Copland Financial Ministries.