Management Money Impacts your Relationship with your Spouse

Management Money

“On August 25, 2017, Tom was the guest speaker on Life 100.3 Radio. Although Tom has been interviewed on this station many times, what’s unique about this particular interview was the topic “Management of Money Impacts Your Relationship with Your Spouse”.

Over the past 35 years of providing biblically-based financial counsel, Tom is very familiar with the fact, that if one or both spouses violate biblical financial principles [often unknowingly], not only will that cause significant financial problems, but in due course unresolved financial issues can destroy the marriage relationship, and if not dealt with biblically, it can lead to separation and divorce. Most people do not see the connection between mismanagement of money and the negative impact that it can have on their relationship with their spouse.

Tom will share several real-life examples, and provide couples with some biblically-based financial advice on how to resolve their financial problems, and indirectly rebuild the marriage relationship so that husband and wife can fall in love again!

Be sure to listen to this show!.

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