Copland Financial Ministries Update: God is blessing!

During 2018, here’s what the Lord did. God opened the door so Tom could speak at two churches in Nova Scotia, Canada & the people were eager to learn God’s word on finances.

Tom did 7 radio interviews including life 100.3 radio [Barrie], CGLU radio [Halifax] and A.M. 700 the Light Radio [Calgary].

Completion of the advanced Biblically-based Estate Planning workshop series [8 weeks] at Westney Heights Baptist Church in Toronto. FYI- the first two sessions are currently on our website under “what’s new”.

Tom led 2 workshops for young people [Scott Mission] and Grace Fellowship Church.

Tom and his financial coaches provided biblical-based financial advice to over 300 people! God through his word and his spirit changed many lives.

Tom created and recorded 17 new financial moments on the topic of “Management of Money Impacts Your Relationship with Your Spouse” and 10 new financial moments in dealing with Financial Advice for Young People.

Numerous small groups were led by our leaders based on Tom’s book “Financial Management God’s Way”.

Production of nine one half hour radio shows which are being aired on 10 radio stations in Eastern Canada.

The financial moments are being aired on 75 radio stations and five TV stations across Canada and some northern United States. Best estimates by the radio stations, over 1 million people hear a financial moment every week. Praise God!

We plan to continue to expand the ministry through radio and TV, and we are trusting the Lord to enable us to develop several one half hour TV shows. Vision TV has offered to air Tom’s shows.

However, unfortunately, this will require a significant amount of money [estimated $40,000], and we would ask you to prayerfully consider giving to this ministry.

As usual, Tom Copland does not receive any funds from this ministry but rather Tom is a major financial contributor.

Contributions can be made by automatic monthly donations or one-time donations. If you’re interested please go to

If the Lord is directing you to get involved in this ministry in any other fashion, please email

Thank you for your prayers and your donations!

Tom Copland, President

Copland Financial Ministries


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